Pierce County Housing Authority V. Michael B. Fuller,Sui Juris

The Blood Of Jesus is Against you Garold E.Johnson

Local entrepreneur recognized in Washington
Durham Herald Sun
The people were recognized for either their service in the Vietnam War, or for their support of veterans through organizations working against homelessness, to boost employment, or treat substance abuse, or for other cause. The recognition was through Garold E.Johnson Communist Party I Will Hold Christine O’Grady Gregoire Accountable For Putting a Communist In Pierce County Court At The Time of War on America.Extraordinary Abuse of Article 111 Section 3 .Garold E.Johnson You and youyr Peons Intimidate My Witnesses And now Marguerite Lori Richards is afraid to come in Pierce County Court House.I’ve Stated Greencards Will not be over Black People,Sui Juris And you are invading the Black Community Presiding Judge Garold E.JOHNSON, Rm.214.Now I must check and see have you been here seven Years inorder to be a Judge.Because George Washington 1889 is Prohibited.And Communist Laws.

More funding sought to combat veterans’ homelessness

Secretary Eric K. Shinseki and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan are scheduled to give keynote address during the opening session of the 2012 Annual Conference of the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) in downtown Washington.

Extraordinary Abuse Of Your Oath Of Admission,Extraordinary Abuse Of Extraordinary Abuse Of WE THE PEOPLE,As Black Poor,P.T.S.D.Veterans Non-Veterans,Vets,Housing, Homelessness In AMERICA.Hon.Michael B.Fuller,Sui Juris-Private Attorney General,Juris et, De Jure,This Extraordinary Abuse Of Political Corruption .Within Christine O’Grady Gregoire’s Administration.Extraordinary Abuse Of Mongoloids Are ROBBING,STEALLING,CLAIMING,AND RENAMING,MONGOLOIDS ASIANS,Jepan Which Is Extraordinary Abuse Of Due Process,1st Amendment Rights,Equal Protection,Of 14th Amendment Rights,Procedural Due Process,Substantive Due Process Fraud.

In Honor Of Homelss Veterans In Washington State,Now under the control of the Communist.

Extraordinary Abuse Of Homeless Veterans In America.After Fighting To Make America safe free and secure.Then at the time of War on America Congress Extraordinay Abuse Article 111 Section 3 Treason to the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION OF AMERICA.Extraordinary Abuse of Injustice,Silvey V. U.S. 7 ct.ci 305,324.Extraordinary Abuse of Biven V.Six Unknown Named Agents, 403 U.S.388,91 S.Ct.1999,29 L.ED.2d 619 (1971).Extraordinary Abuse of Title 18U.S.C.Section 242 Deprived Of Life And Liberty.Extraordinary Abuse of Breach of Trust With Fraudulent Intent.Extraordinary Abuse of Frudulent and Dishonest Act.

Years lost, hope regained

Michaelis is being recognized as a representative of a startling demographic: 67000 homeless vets, half of whom served in Vietnam. He wasn’t the worst injured or most decorated hero of that war. He didn’t save more lives than others.

And the Blood of Jesus is against you Traders.Christine O’Grady Gregoire as I’ve Stated That George Washington of 1889 Hitler Must Shall And Will Be Remove From every Courtroom  in Washington State.More importantly  Christine O’Grady Gregoire In Your Office As The Governor Of The State Of Washington.I’ve Also Stated that 1 Trillion Dollars is Payable to Association Against Homelessness In America.And A 100,000 Dollars is Payable each Month after 8/5/11

Extraordinary Abuse of R.C.W. 42.52.020  John Diaz Meaning Activities Incompatible with Public Duties.On the Job Training Extraordinary Abuse of Violation of Rico Act.Extraordinary Abuse of 9-28.500 Pervasiveness and Wrongdoing witin Corporation Seattle Police Department.Extraordinary Abuse of Article 111 Section 3 Treason to Washington State Constitution,Extraordinary Abuse of working under George Washington 1889 Hitler Which is Prohibited as a matter of law of the Land John Diaz,Extraordinary Abuse of Working under Asian Laws which is also Prohibited John Diaz,Extraordinary Abuse of Active Concealment of a Crime,Extraordinary abuse of  9-28.500 Pervasiveness and Wrongdoing Within Corporation Seattlen Police Department John Diaz Invader on Native Land John Diaz,Extraordinary Abuse of working under COLOR OF STATE AND FEDERAL lAWS JOHN DIAZ .

Extraordinary Abuse of you Mongoloid and Caucasoids Stated that Black Americans Are Thugs.You Note this for the record I Might be Disabled Brain Injury But I’am Not no Thug.After I Educated all of you on the job training.

By National Coalition for Homeless Veterans WASHINGTON, May 25, 2012 —

By National Coalition for Homeless Veterans WASHINGTON, May 25, 2012 — WASHINGTON, May 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Eric K. Shinseki and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary

Extraordinary Abuse of First Ten Amendment By Congress continue to Violate by giving them self raise over WE THE PEOPLE which is Abuse of their Authority.Under the First Ten Amendments of The CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.CONTINUE TO SAY WE THE PEOPLE WHEN IT’S time to Beg for the Constituents Votes and get in Office then it’s just us and the Communist.But The Blood Of Jesus is Against Them.Extraordinary hate to Veterans By acting under control of the Communist Parties.Extraordinary Abuse of Breach of trust with Fraudulent Intent 9-28.500,9-28.600.rcw 42.52.020.

Pierce County Housing Authority V. Hon.Michael B.Fuller,Sui Juris-11-2-06545-1

Presiding Judge Garold E. Johnson continue to make Injustice Ruling,Silvey V. U.S.7 ct.c1 305,324.Extraordinary Abuse of Biven V. Six Unknown Agents,403,U.S.388,91s.ct.1999,29 l.Ed.2d.619 (1971).Brown V. Board of Education.The Decision Triggered a wave of resistance to school Desegregation throughout the South that ultimately led to a resurgence of KU KLUX KLAN.Retaliation is unlawful Under Section 818 of the act 42 U.S.C.3617,Extraordinary Abuseof Title 18 U.S.C. Section 241 Conspiracy against Rights,Extraordinary Abuse of Title 18 U.S.C. Section 242 Deprived of Life and Liberty.Extraordinary Abuse of  Title IX of Civil Rights Act of 1968,Extraordinary Abuse of  Title IX Of Federal Funding Act 2000.Extraordinary Abuse of Garold E. Johnson willful misconduct of  Office.Any Unlawful Behavior by a public Officer in Relation to the Duties of his Office,Willful in Character.Term Embraces Acts which the office Holder had no right to perform,acts Performed improperly,and Failure to act in the face of an Affirmative Duty to act.

(L-R) Judge Garold Johnson is sworn in by Wash. State Supreme Court Justice Charles W. Johnson.

More importantly I’Ve Stated I must Shall and Will hold You accountable individually and your Signature.And Oath of Admission.Private Attorney General Marguerite Lori Richard,Juris et Dejure has stated once you violates your Oath of Admission.You have no more power.But you wish to work under Color of State and Federal Laws.

Dr.Alveda King Niece of the Dr.Martin Luther King.40 days For Life

Hillary Rodham Clinton Through my God blessing Grace and Spirit.I meant with Dr.Alveda King  while she came to Tacoma Washington  on or about May 24,2012 I was touch by her present that I had a chance to hear the truth. The main issue she came here is to speak about how Black Women Are being Enslaved by the Caucasoids.In My Oppinion Hon.Michael B. Fuller,Sui Juris. Did state to her that the Emancipation Proclamation of Jan 1,1863 That Black People were free from Slavery.But this is the worsted Part of Slavery in UNITED STATES HISTORY under BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.MORE importantly The Poorest Health Care System in UNITED STATES HISTORY.By Mongoloids,That treat Black People indifferently.As Dr.Martin Luther King Spoke of in the 60’s.But the Blood of Jesus is against you MONGOLOIDS.

Genesis 1 verse26 Then God Said, ‘ Let us make Man in our image,According to our likeness;male and female he created them.

28.Be fruitful and multiply fill the earth and subdue it have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

Revelation 2 chapter verse 2 I know your works,your labor,your patience, and that you cannot bear those who are evil.And tested those who say they are Apostles and are not,and have found them liars; verse 9 I know your works,tribulation,and poverty (but you are rich);and i know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not,but are a Synagogue of Satan.

27. So God Created Man in his own image;in the image of God he created him;

Minority women disproportionately abort even as overall rate declines, study says

More homeless veterans get shelter in D.C. D.C. … – Washington Post

The housing agency held a daylong fair where eligible veterans were placed with pre-screened landlords.

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Extraordinary Abuse of Christine O’Grady Gregoire under the control of Communist Party.After begging for the votes .And now saying Just Us WE AS THE COMMUNIST PARTY.Extraordinary Abuse of 9-28.500 Pervasiveness And Wrongdoing Within Corporation Olympia Washington and Washington D.C. Congress And House of Representitives.At time of War on America.Then one Man have put the Enemies in three branches of Government.Now billions of Dollars are being Wasted.Now Just Barack Hussein Obama said One America.Two Vets were Killed.Over one Man working under the control of the Communist Party.Just the other day Barack Hussein Obama.In 2008 when you said one America.I object to  this Extraordinary Abuse of being a Pathological Liar.To WE THE PEOPLE BLACK FREE PEOPLE,P.T.S.D.Poor,Veterans,Vets,Non-Veterans,Homelessness in America.How can one Man say one America when the old America is in conflict.President Barack Hussein Obama,I Can’t help it because I’am Disabled Brain Damage.But there is no way I would have put the lives of the Veterans who fought to make this Country safe free and secure.Then at the time of War.Then Openly Violates Article 111 Section 3 Treason to the Washington State Constitution and the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION OF AMERICA.The Blood Of Jesus is Against you Barack Hussein Obama.I recall Veterans had ask me to meant with you and I Did I also Gave You documentation of when George W.Bush was President how the Veterans were being treated here in Washington State. You showed Hon.Michael B. Fuller,Sui Juris  that you have seen nothing yet if I win as President.Well You Trick WE THE PEOPLE AS BLACK FREE PEOPLE.Now 2012 is here and you want to try to trick  BLACK FREE PEOPLE AGAIN.I Hon. Michael B. Fuller,Sui Juris feel I’am able to take one or two votes from you and thats my Goal President Barack Hussein Obama.Just in 2008 I Got you one or two votes.Now since I’ve Seen you are a Pathological liar.While Adhering to the Communist. I do my Gods Will Barack Hussein Obama not Man Will.I’ve seen the Extraordinary Hate You have for Black People here in America.More importantly you have not said any thing about Reparation.But you can Extraordinarily Abuse your Authority and Power over WE THE PEOPLE THE FREE PEOPLE THAT has never had a Green Card.But at the time of War now they have the power under you to deny us BLACK PEOPLE into a public entity.