ORCA LIFT – Reduced Fare. Increased Possibilities.


Get where you need to go. Pay a lot less to get there.

Now there’s a more affordable way to get to work, school, shopping, day care or anywhere else you need to go. It’s ORCA LIFT, a new, reduced transit fare that can help you get more out of your public transportation system.

Once you qualify for the ORCA LIFT program, you’ll receive an ORCA LIFT card registered to your name, with the same features every ORCA card has. You can load an E-purse value on your card to pay for trips one at a time, or load a discounted monthly pass that lets you take unlimited trips for an entire month. But what makes ORCA LIFT special is you have all the power and convenience of the ORCA card system at a fraction of the cost.

With the ORCA LIFT card, income-qualified riders can save up to 50 percent or more on:

Metro Transit buses
Kitsap Transit buses
Sound Transit Link light rail
King County Water Taxi
Seattle Streetcar

Visit teh ORCA LIFT website


Helping female veterans with nowhere to turn

Many homeless female veterans are single mothers, leaving them with nowhere to go if they cannot find housing that also allows their children, said Boothe, who started Final Salute Inc. to give female veterans somewhere to go. She runs a six-bedroom
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Marine Corps Times:Extraordinary abuse of commander and chief to adhere to the enemies that my daddy fought against doing the korean war and vietnam war.Then turn around and put the enemies in three branches of government so the fabian society will know every thing about america.Then he said one america at the time of war on america.Then he have we the poeple to give the enemies our social security number.Because President Barack Hussein Obama is being a trader to we the people black poor ptsd vets veterans seniors youth homelessness in america.Congress had a duty to tell obama he would be in violation of article 111 section 3 treason to the constitution of america.All of congress is in this slavery together.Fabian society.

Homeless and Child Protective Services

Shakithia Truesdale and her 4-year-old daughter spent the entire day Tuesday in a cooling center set up at the Virginia Williams Family Resource Center in Northeast D.C. Her 8-year-old daughter spent the day at camp.

But this pregnant mother started worrying the moment she woke up, she says, about where they’ll stay the night.

“I had to call Child Protective Services because I don’t have nowhere for me and my kids to sleep for the night,” Truesdale says.

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