Budget Comprise in Washington Needed to Avoid Military and Civilian

WSAV is reporting that Chambliss stated an additional $497 billion in cuts from sequestration could cost Georgia 28000 military and civilian jobs, seven thousand of those at Fort Stewart. Chambliss, a member of the so-called Gang of Six, warned, “When
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Boehner Fiscal Cliff Plan Would Have Cut Food Stamps for Children

The plan eliminated the Social Services Block Grant (Meals on Wheels) and renewed efforts to go after food stamp recipients. The misguided emphasis on food stamps will not balance the budget but it will put hundreds of thousands of children at risk.
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Medicaid, the Frail Elderly, and Federal Budget Cuts

Medicaid is in the budget bull’s eye. But many lawmakers aiming to cut the program have no idea what it does, and how important it is to frail seniors who need help with daily living. The popular image of Medicaid: health care for a poor mother and her …
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