US weapons for future include key relics of past

In early 2013, U.S. Defense Secretary outlined the main areas of proposed spending cuts during a news conference at the Pentagon.

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American Legion 2015 Seattle Memorial Service


American Legion 2015 Seattle Memorial Service @ Magnolia Village & Lawton Cemetery | Free, Two Services Honoring Veterans

From press release:
American Legion Memorial Service
May 25, 2015
10 a.m. & 11 a.m. | Free | All Ages
More info:

Magnolia Village & Lawton cemetery

10 a.m., Post Office at 3211 W McGraw St. in Magnolia Village

11 a.m., Fort Lawton Cemetery located in Discovery Park just past the visitor center at 3801 W Government Way in Magnolia

We warmly welcome all interested people to our Memorial Day services. This year we will have two memorial services. The first will take place in front of the Post Office on West McGraw at 10 am and the second at the Fort Lawton Cemetery at *11 am.

Enter Discovery Park through the east entrance off West Govern-ment Way. The cemetery is located about 300 yards west of the park entrance. You are welcomed to park at the cemetery.

You can also park at the Visitors Center. It’s on the left side of the road approximately 150 yards in the park. There is a short walk up the hill to the cemetery for those that park at the Visitors Center.

*In the event of adverse weather the 11am service at Fort Lawton will start immediately following the 10am service in the village.

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BC finance minister seeks input on budget cuts

Speaking at a Vancouver Board of Trade luncheon Tuesday, Falcon revealed plans for a new online budget simulator to allow people to see the effects of service cuts and tax increases to the economy.

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“we are a broken city right now.”

Seattle is “broken” as much as Detroit is booming. We have a stunningly low unemployment, incredible job growth, crime that’s overwhelmingly down or steady, and major investments into development. We don’t need to “reclaim” the city from the neediest people in society. We need to remember that this is a city with chasms of disparity between riches and poverty, accept this is a diverse city, keep in mind that downtown has nothing to gain by becoming a sanitized shopping mall, and ignore the classist braying of uninformed blowhards like this.


Nickelsville Math: Half a Million Dollars, 60 People Housed, and Three New Encampments


On a Sunday in earlt September 2013, in the middle of a three-day holiday weekend and as the City Council wrapped up a two-week vacation, the last campers at West Seattle’s Nickelsville packed up and moved out, prodded by a Sept. 1 eviction deadline handed down by the council in June.

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