Barriers May Cause Some Homeless Veterans Not To Get Needed Housing

The stated goal of this program is to assist veterans in finding new work and housing. The government has also set a goal to eventually get all veterans off the street and in to homes. This may be easier said then done, as I have discovered in my own situation…


Handful of DC teachers get jobs back

It’s an annual dance between the school system and the Washington Teachers’ Union: Due to budget cuts or enrollment shifts, teacher positions are shed, and employees whose Impact evaluation scores aren’t up to snuff are usually among the first
Washigton Examiner:

Why so many black homeless in major cities?

Why is every major city in America swarming with homeless black people. I live in Los Angeles and seriously a tleast 90% of the homeless people i see are black.The same is true in most of America’s other major cities, i.e. New York, Baltimore, Atlanta, Oakland, New Orleans, Cleveland, Detroit, etc.etc. etc. Its shocking to see such a strong homeless presence from a minority that only takes up 13% of the population.