Targeting Chronically Homeless Veterans with HUD-VASH

Hundreds of veterans are sleeping on the street or in the emergency shelter system in the District of Columbia. This brief examines data from the vulnerability index survey, completed by the DC Department of Health and Human Services and Common Ground, a nonprofit supportive housing provider.


Fredericksburg police investigating homeless … – Washington Post

Fredericksburg police investigating homeless … – Washington Post
Police in Fredericksburg are investigating the homicide of a man found dead in a homeless camp Wednesday morning. The victim was identified only as a ……/gJQAvKWW9W_blog.html

Dem candidates for Congress talk budget deficit


Dem candidates for Congress talk budget deficit
The party’s three contenders for those seats held a rare, joint news conference to oppose Medicare cuts proposed in Washington. “We cannot balance the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable,” said Tammy Duckworth, (D) 8th Congressional District

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waiting lists for vouchers in almost every community

Indeed, as the report notes, there are currently “waiting lists for vouchers in almost every community,” and only 1 in 4 eligible households receives a voucher or some other form of federal rental assistance. Half of the current households in the voucher program include seniors or people with disabilities, and the rest are mostly families with children.


Attack Homelessness, Not Homeless People

As unemployment and foreclosures continue to drive record increases in homelessness, many cities are stepping up efforts to criminalize it. That’s wrong, ineffective and costly. But some communities are bucking the trend, demonstrating that there is a better way.