FLASHBACK: Nickelsville on the move, with some residents headed to the Central District


Organizers of the homeless encampment Nickelsville have secured two more camp sites, in addition to one they found in the Central District.

The announcement came just three days before the city was scheduled to evict campers from their current location in South Seattle.

Some residents had vowed to stand their ground if they couldn’t find a place to relocate to by September 1st.

“We’re a community that helps one another,” said camper Rachel Johnson. “This is a safe place and this is our family.”

The city dedicated $500,000 to help campers find new homes before the September 1 deadline. By Sunday, outreach workers had relocated at least 47 of the more than 120 campers at the site.

The new locations won’t be disclosed until Friday. Organizers said they wanted to talk to their new neighbors first, before disclosing that information.

The two new sites brings the total number to three. On Sunday, the group said it had secured another camp site near 20th and Jackson in the Central District.


federal level to reduce chronic homelessness

“There has been a 10-year effort at the federal level to reduce chronic homelessness among individuals with significant mental health or other kinds of disabilities,” said Rice. “It is a lot cheaper to help them afford stable housing with the services they need than to allow them to languish on the streets, which costs the government more money in health care costs, trips to emergency rooms—not to mention jail.”