FACT CHECK: Romney offers deficit pledge without detail and partial telling of …

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney promised voters Thursday night that he would cut deficits and put America on track to a balanced budget as president, but he left voters to take it on faith — or not — that he could deliver. The details behind that pledge
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Washington Post:

Black poor in america don’t forget Barack Hussein Obama stated that we as free black people we have to keep on our marching shoes after maching for justice 391 years.Now at the time of war on america.In 2008 he said a change we can believe in.Then put mongoloids in three branches of Government.That knows nothing about washington state constitution or United States constitution of america.There are 80%communist party in congress right now.It might have increase.Judges and lawyer are working under the fabian society right now.Don’t you think President Barack Hussein Obama is runing anything.He just runing his mouth.Now begging once again in 2012.For votes.And get back in office and its just us and the fabian society.And the Communist party,communism.On the job training.Wasting billions.Of our tax payer dollars to turn the dollar into a yenExtradinary abuse of Artile 111 Section 3 treaso to United States of America.Extraordinary abuse of R.C.W.42.52.020 meaning activities incompatible with public duties latino’s,mongoloids.Another form of slavery he has created.At the hands of the mongoloids with greencards.And Black free people has never own a greencard.The blood of jesus ins against President Barack Hussein Obama.


Romney slams Obama for defense cuts

By Philip Rucker, The Washington Post. INDIANAPOLIS – On the day before he formally accepts the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney slammed President Obama in a speech here Wednesday for military budget cuts which he said would devastate
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Washington Post:

  Fabian Society communist party all through your administration.On the job training with mongoloids latino’s.That don’t know noting about wsahington State Constitution are The United States of America.Thats why you want to burn the Constitution up.But Association Against Homelessness In America Object to you burn any thing up.More importantly.In 2008 how can you say it’s a new constitution whe the old constitution is in conflict open conspiracy.

Contract law gives US government options for automatic cuts -report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A little-known aspect of U.S. contract law may provide a road map for how the Obama administration can implement billions of dollars of automatic budget cuts due to take effect in January without having to pay massive change fees
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(L-R) Judge Garold Johnson is sworn in by Wash. State Supreme Court Justice Charles W. Johnson.Marilyn Strickland

‘People’s Library’ fills in during Seattle closure due to budget cuts

‘People’s Library’ fills in during Seattle closure due to budget cuts
The Republic
“The People’s Library” was set up by neighbors and some members of the Occupy movement as a response to the week-long closure of Seattle libraries due to city-wide budget cuts. The closure forced employees to take a week-long furlough and shuttered
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The Republic:

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Boosting the Small Business Administration Budget Will Cut Deficit

The only thing they talk about in Washington is cutting overhead and cutting the budget. Well I’ve got an idea for them: why don’t we look at ideas for increasing revenue without raising taxes. Let’s see if we can take a moment and figure this out
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Huffington Post (blog):

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Panetta hints at military budget cuts during Washington state visit …

Panetta hints at military budget cuts during Washington state visit.. ♢ Politics on One News Page on Thursday, 23 August 2012.

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Congresswomen Maria Cantwell this is the most extradinary abuse that has ever been committed in United States History as President Barack Hussein Obama as Commander and Chief in 2008.Told the blacks to put on our marching shoes after blacks has been marching for justice 391 years.Then at the time of war on america.Then he openly violated article 111 section 3 treason to the united states of america.By putting the fabian society in three banches of government.

Christine O’Grady Gregoire V.Association Against Homelessness In America-11-2-06545-1

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Automatic budget cuts seen driving up long-term weapons costs:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Automatic budget cuts due to take effect in January will drive up the cost of weapons systems and cut revenues for arms makers in the longer term, but the full brunt of the cuts will not be felt for several years, a top budget
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Chicago Tribune:

Here is what is going to very quickly happen internationally.All governments around the world are going to unite.They will create one big giant credit union for collecting the debt for the International Banksters .We have allowed ourselves to get into this very sad situation, that is the way it is.