Extraordinary Abuse Of RCW 59.18.020,Titl V111 Fairhousing Act1968 Amended 1988,42.52.020,Pervasiveness And Wrongdoing

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From: Michael Fuller
To: “aahiambf@yahoo.com”
Date: Monday, December 12, 2011, 7:59 PM
December 14, 2011

Response to Donors and Investor Iam currently homeless for reporting to landlord that repairs were needed in my apartment but refuse to do repairs because of my race and disabilities.I’ve been evicted four times for reporting failure to do repairs.Never late on my rent because they refuse to do repairs because I’am black and disable.I’ve told this Govornment that I can’t help it because I am disable,I can’t help it because I was in a coma for four months, I can’t help it because it took me two years to learn how to walk and talk again. Through the Grace of my God I live and through the grace of my God I’ll die.No Judge here in the State of Washington will enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 Which was sign by President George Bush title v111 of Fairhousing act of 1968 which was amended 1988,Violation of civil rights act of 1964,Violation of Federal Funding Act of 2000,Violation of Oath of Admission,Oath of office. Which has cause Extraordinary Circumstances reckless misconduct, wanton misconduct,irreparable injury and harm to me as a disable black man in bondage. Superior Court Frank E Culbertson, Wendy Zitch , Commissioner and Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Martin had Extrodinary abuse of RCW 59.18.020 and RCWs 42.52.020, 9A.36.080 and Extrodinary Abuse of American with Diasbilities Act of July 26 1990 which was signed by former President George H. W. Bush and has not been enforced by Judges in Pierce County Courts in the State of Washington. Extrodinary Abuse of Washington State Bar Association’s oath of admission, and oath of office and a malfeasance of office. Extrodinary abuse of Title 18 U.S.C. Section 241, Conspiracy Against Rights and Section 242 Deprevasion of Rights under Color of Law. 1962(D) Conspiracy. State of Washington Statutes are SCHEME.

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