Reagan’s Legacy: Homelessness in America

As some Americans mourn the death of Ronald Reagan, let us recall that the two-term president was no friend to America’s cities or its poor. Reagan came to office in 1981 with a mandate to reduce federal spending. In reality, he increased it through the escalating military budget, all the while slashing funds for domestic programs that assisted working class Americans, particularly the poor.



Homelessness in America: The Meanest Cities in the US Make Homelessness a Crime

Most homeless have suffered harassment, abuse, and an abrogation of their civil rights.

T.K. Jackson* had been playing chess regularly in the children’s playground and teaching the game to some of the children. A fence separated the playground from the players. One particular day, during school hours, police drove up and issued T.K., whom the authorities categorize as “homeless,” along with six adult men, summonses and a criminal court appearance date for failing to obey a sign that said adults were not allowed into the playground unless accompanied by a minor.


Poverty, hunger and homelessness in America

While the Dow Jones average has doubled in the past two years and the income of the wealthiest Americans has increased by 250 percent since 2006, a growing number of Americans have been descending into poverty, hunger and homelessness. There’s something terribly wrong with this picture, when in purportedly the wealthiest nation in the world we have the highest poverty rates of all the industrialized nations.


Preventing Homelessness in America

Permanent housing provides a “base” for people to move out of poverty (Granruth and Smith*). Many organizations that address the homeless population have shifted their focus from emergency shelter to prevention (Burt et al.*).

In part this shift is a result of the McKinney Homeless Assistance Act of 1987, the federal law that provides funding for homeless assistance programs. The law emphasizes “continuums of care”—regional systems that provide services and housing for an entire range of needs, from medical care to employment (Burt et al.*). Research shows that organizations that want to focus their resources on preventative efforts should..


Seattle homeless shelters shut down in wake of bus changes

Representatives of some 500 homeless people who stay in two tent cities and 16 shelters in the Seattle area — mostly churches — closed most of those facilities Friday until their demands for more free Metro bus tickets are met.


Top Causes of Homelessness in America

As many as 3.5 million Americans are homeless each year. Of these, more than 1 million are children and on any given night, more than 300,000 children are homeless.

While the general impression is that the homeless are primarily the chronic and episodic, those unfortunate individuals often seen living on the streets in the downtown areas of our cities, the fact is that more than half the homeless are families with children. The vast majority of these have been thrust into homelessness by a life altering event or series of events that were unexpected and unplanned for. Contrary to the belief that homelessness is primarily the result of major traumatic events or physical and mental disabilities, there are many top causes of homelessness in America.

Growing Hunger and Homelessness in America

Millions of Americans now endure protracted Depression conditions at a time half the population is either poor or low income. Long-term unemployment is unprecedented, and federal aid is being cut, not increased.
Two new reports highlight enormous depravation levels and human suffering, getting little or no major media attention. Many affected families used to be middle class. They’re now low-income or impoverished by unemployment or spotty low-pay part-time work.


The Seattle Public Library temporary exclusion from the communist party,2012-001519

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Kathryn Olson,Communist Party,Bruce Harrell, Violation of RCW 2.48.210

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Test for Obama as Deficit Stays Over $1 Trillion

Test for Obama as Deficit Stays Over $1 Trillion. By JACKIE CALMES. Published: September 25, 2012. WASHINGTON — Four years ago, Barack Obama campaigned for president on a promise to cut annual federal budget deficits in half by the end of his term.
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New York Times:

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