Region not ready for impact of federal budget cuts

WASHINGTON — The National Capital Region could face a major economic hit in the next few months unless Congress acts to halt looming across-the-board cuts to the federal budget, according to a Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments report.
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Homeless charities warn cuts are pushing up number of rough sleepers

The first signs of a homelessness crisis in England’s towns and cities are emerging, with increases in rough sleeping, street drinking, crime and antisocial behaviour as a result of swingeing cuts to hostel and housing services, according to a report published on Wednesday.


Dem candidates for Congress talk budget deficit


Dem candidates for Congress talk budget deficit
The party’s three contenders for those seats held a rare, joint news conference to oppose Medicare cuts proposed in Washington. “We cannot balance the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable,” said Tammy Duckworth, (D) 8th Congressional District

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