A message for the Hon. Michael B. Fuller,sui juris

UPDATED October 1, 2015

Abuse to the vets that or homeless after coming from war females Obama.But you want to give mongoloids latino’s billions of our tax payers dollars.And the mongoloids are working under communist control act 8/26/1954.which is unconstitutional violation of Article 111 SECTION 3 TREASON.

Is this why you put mongoloids in every branch of government.Because you have turn this in to a Communist Country with these mongoloids on the job training violation of RCW 42.52.020 Obama activities incompatible with public duties.Also I want you to show Private Attorney General,Juris,et DeJure were in Article 111 Section 3 at the time of war in 2008 that it state the enemies just want to work.

I can’t find it in Article 111 Section 3, see because i’am disabled brain injury.Because not one of them mongoloids is enforcing A.D.A.Act July26,1990 are Title VIII Fairhousing Act of 1968 amended in 1988.Because you told the blacks to keep your marching shoe’s on after 400 years of fighting for Justice.

Then at the time of war then you say the mongoloids are your new slavemasters.When I meant with you Obama only because veterans ask me to go I did.I gave you documentation under George Bush Jr,How Blacks were denied in a public entity.Now you are President of the U.S.of America.Now you are telling mongoloids that got greencards that black are denied into a public entity.After you said in 2008 one America.But you were really meaning a Communist Country.

Then you turn around and say I don’t want to cut the veterans vets benifits.Them words should not have ever came out your mouth.You should have been saying that you are going to deport these mongoloids on the job training.At tax paters expense.I See the extraodinary hate you have for my father who severed 21 years in the Air force.Then you adhere to millions of enemies.

This is what vets have to come home to to put greencard over black free people who have never own a green card or don’t know how they look.Now again you are begging for we the people votes.Then get in office and say just us and the communst party at the tax payers expense.And you to Mitt Romney.

Hon. Michael B. Fuller



  1. What about the mold? What about those housing authorities treating blacks indifferently? What about you are not speaking about this on your blog?

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