The Blood Of Jesus is Against you Garold E.Johnson

Local entrepreneur recognized in Washington
Durham Herald Sun
The people were recognized for either their service in the Vietnam War, or for their support of veterans through organizations working against homelessness, to boost employment, or treat substance abuse, or for other cause. The recognition was through Garold E.Johnson Communist Party I Will Hold Christine O’Grady Gregoire Accountable For Putting a Communist In Pierce County Court At The Time of War on America.Extraordinary Abuse of Article 111 Section 3 .Garold E.Johnson You and youyr Peons Intimidate My Witnesses And now Marguerite Lori Richards is afraid to come in Pierce County Court House.I’ve Stated Greencards Will not be over Black People,Sui Juris And you are invading the Black Community Presiding Judge Garold E.JOHNSON, Rm.214.Now I must check and see have you been here seven Years inorder to be a Judge.Because George Washington 1889 is Prohibited.And Communist Laws.

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