Lakewood Tent City, A Last Resort For The Homeless, Faces Eviction

LAKEWOOD, N.J. — It was not long ago that most Americans would envy Marilyn Berenzweig.

A textile designer, she earned $100,000 a year and lived a comfortable New York City life with her husband, a former radio producer. They paid $2,000 month for their apartment, kept a vegan diet, and had had a soft spot for pet birds — ultimately collecting so many that they devoted a room to housing them.



Donations have been pouring in for Billy Ray Harris

Donations have been pouring in for Billy Ray Harris since the country learned how the Missouri panhandler returned the expensive diamond ring that fell off of Sarah Darling’s hand when she was handing him change. The honest guy was offered $4,000 when he showed it to a jeweler, but declined. He has since gotten a prize on which he could never place a price tag — reuniting with his family, TODAY reports.

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