Michaelis is being recognized as a representative of a startling demographic: 67000 homeless vets, half of whom served in Vietnam. He wasn’t the worst injured or most decorated hero of that war. He didn’t save more lives than others.

And the Blood of Jesus is against you Traders.Christine O’Grady Gregoire as I’ve Stated That George Washington of 1889 Hitler Must Shall And Will Be Remove From every Courtroom  in Washington State.More importantly  Christine O’Grady Gregoire In Your Office As The Governor Of The State Of Washington.I’ve Also Stated that 1 Trillion Dollars is Payable to Association Against Homelessness In America.And A 100,000 Dollars is Payable each Month after 8/5/11

Extraordinary Abuse of R.C.W. 42.52.020  John Diaz Meaning Activities Incompatible with Public Duties.On the Job Training Extraordinary Abuse of Violation of Rico Act.Extraordinary Abuse of 9-28.500 Pervasiveness and Wrongdoing witin Corporation Seattle Police Department.Extraordinary Abuse of Article 111 Section 3 Treason to Washington State Constitution,Extraordinary Abuse of working under George Washington 1889 Hitler Which is Prohibited as a matter of law of the Land John Diaz,Extraordinary Abuse of Working under Asian Laws which is also Prohibited John Diaz,Extraordinary Abuse of Active Concealment of a Crime,Extraordinary abuse of  9-28.500 Pervasiveness and Wrongdoing Within Corporation Seattlen Police Department John Diaz Invader on Native Land John Diaz,Extraordinary Abuse of working under COLOR OF STATE AND FEDERAL lAWS JOHN DIAZ .

Extraordinary Abuse of you Mongoloid and Caucasoids Stated that Black Americans Are Thugs.You Note this for the record I Might be Disabled Brain Injury But I’am Not no Thug.After I Educated all of you on the job training.


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