Wittman defends record in District 1 debate at Christopher Newport Univ.

Wittman said Tuesday that Washington is “30 square miles of fantasy land” and is “broken.” But he said he has tried to lead by example by voting against stop-gap budgets and adjourning the last congressional session before cuts triggered by a process
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Washington Post:

Washington County libraries likely to restore Monday hours

A push to restore some service hours at Washington County libraries has cleared a small hurdle. A few years of budget cuts led to the elimination of Sunday and Monday hours at all six of the county’s libraries for 2012. But a slight increase in county …
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Pioneer Press:

Obama aides: Cuts ‘deeply destructive’

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WASHINGTONBudget cuts set to hit federal agencies next year would be “deeply destructive to national security, domestic investments, and core government functions,” the Obama administration said in a report released Friday outlining the impact of a
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Philadelphia Inquirer

House to pass 6-month spending bill

WASHINGTON — As its last major act before leaving Washington for the fall campaign, the House is voting to put the government on autopilot for six months. Thursday’s vote represents a retreat by tea party House Republicans, since the stopgap
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CBS News:

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CEOs Press Washington to Trim the Deficit

If Mr. Romney wins, the betting inside the Beltway is that Congress will suspend the tax increases and spending cuts to give him time to assemble a budget. But if Mr. Obama wins, there will be an effort—however long the odds—to discard campaign
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Wall Street Journal:

Gather ’round: Budget cuts drain Wenatchee Valley Museum events, groups step …

Gather ’round: Budget cuts drain Wenatchee Valley Museum events, groups step in to save programs After four layoffs in July and cut hours for part-time staffers, only director Brenda Abney is left to coordinate events, exhibits, budgets and other
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The Wenatchee World Online:

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Washington state prepares to defend bases in case Pentagon looks at cuts

Smith and other lawmakers on defense committees have said Washington has a strong hand going into probable budget cuts. The Pentagon intends to place a greater emphasis on Pacific threats in coming years. A new Pentagon-commissioned report from
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The Seattle Times:

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