Can African People Save Themselves?” (Clarke)

“To be sufficiently argumentative on the subject of Black-White alliances, I would have to speak for a week, and I would still barely exhaust the subject: If there is one thing that can be said about Black people that has caused a lot of pain, and yet is historically true, it is that politically we are one of the most naive of people. We have been taken in by practically everything and everybody that has come to us. I think this taking in, this betrayal, has something to do with both our weaknesses and our strengths. If you find strengths of a people, you will find their weaknesses, because the two are closely related.

“In the first place, we have been extremely human people. We have been hospitable to strangers, and nearly always to the wrong strangers. Almost all of our relationships with non-African people began with gestures of friendship. More than anyone else in the world, we have repeatedly invited our future conquerors to dinner. There is a need to look at Black-White alliances going back 2,500 years.President Barack Hussein Obama 11HCR-107 Impeachment Now,Indictment Now Asians Judges Lawyers Doctors Dentists Malpractice enemies and spies on Moors Land at the time of War in 2008 Title 18 USC 1621-23 Perjury Oath of office,18 USC 2381 Treason.18 USC 2382 Misprison of Treason,18 USC 2384 Seditious Conspiracy,18 USC 2385 Advocating to overthrow MOORS LAND at time of War in 2008 on going.Deficit begining in 2013 23.4 Trillion Dollars asians are smart they can learn.Extraordinary abuse of RCW 42.52.020 activitiy incompatible with public duty mongoloids Gary Locke you are the cause of this extraordinary abuse of SERVITUDE against the ARMED FORCES OF AMERICA.Extraordinary abuse of SERVITUDE of 13,14,15,Amendment Gary Locke Communist Party Fascism enemies and spies in china against MOORS LAND RCW 2.48.210 OATH ON ADMISSION,Extraordinary abuse of RCW 49.60.030 FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION,Extraordinary abuse of AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT JULY 26,1990,EXTRAORDINARY ABUSE OF TITLE V111 FAIR HOUSING ACT OF 1968 AMENDED 1988,EXTRAORDINARY ABUSE OF CIVIL RIGHTS ACT 1968 SIGN BY LYNDON JOHNSON,TITLE V1 CIVIL RIGHTS ACT 1964,SECTION 504 REHABILITATION ACT 1973,EXTRAORDINARY ABUSE OF TITLE 11 CIVIL RIGHTS ACT 1964.EXTRAORDINARY ABUSE OF ORGANIZED CRIME TITLE 21

“Why are so many of the alliances Africans make with other people dismantled to the detriment of Africans and Africans have nothing to say about them? These alliances aren’t real alliances and Africans aren’t partners in them in the first place.

“Kohanna was the first African to attempt to drive the Arabs out of Africa. She called them “Interlopers” and said they had no business there. Religiously she was Hebrew, but she advised her nephew and son to join Islam because it was politic to do so. Her nephew, Tarik-binziad, was the leader of a group of Africans around Senegal and Mauretania who moved up to North Africa.

“Now, this African, who came from inside Africa and who had joined Islam and made an alliance with it for political reasons, but who for other than political reasons was not even Moslem, knew that the Visigoths and the people controlling Spain were in serious trouble. He sent an army to test out and see what kind of resistance would he face in Spain, and following this, decided to take Spain.

“The conquest of Spain that is attributed to the Arabs was truly an African conquest. The Africans again began to make new alliances, and these were effective for 700 years. Why were these particular alliances so effective? (Let’s talk about some of the good ones we made.) They were effective because Africans had the muscle and they called the tunes. The alliances did not break until Africans lost that muscle, and they lost that muscles in arguments with the Arabs.

“The Arabs are another overrated people in history, another people who have both good and bad to the extent that Black(African) people don’t even know how to make an assessment of them. They have manipulated both Blacks(Africans) and Whites depending on the political climate. If the White political climate is good, they are White; if the Black(African) political climate is good, they are Black(African). But they are mixed people and always have been.

“When Islam advanced in East Africa, it did so with a single missionary. He would come into an African village; he would render some service that was needed; he would marry an African woman; he would convert her and then convert her family. Then he would use that family to convert other families. As the Arab moved more and more into Africa, whatever color he was originally, he was getting “Blacker” and “Blacker” He was “dissipating” his original physical being into the bloodstream of Africa.

“This went on for well over a thousand years and is still going on. By no stretch of the imagination can you call the Arabs White people, although there are many who prefer to be called White and [want] to be treated as such. Quite a few act no different from White people in their relationship with us. My point is that this African-Arab alliance was basically good in Spain, because the military arm that held Spain was African.

“The Africans entered Spain in 711; they sent another wave into Spain in 1076. The Almohads, in 1240, came from North Africa. The argument between the Almohads and the Almoravids weakened the African hold on Spain until about 1450, when Europe was rising again to its feet, thanks to an internal quarrel between African and Arabs. When these Arabs were expelled on 1492, the year Columbus allegedly discovered America, instead of going back to Africa and building an African nation, these Arabs went down the East Coast and began to trade arms with the Africans along the East coast of Africa and continued the Arab Slave trade. That was disaster.

“But more disaster would come later on. From 1591 to 1594 the North Africans, themselves Black(African), the Emperor of Morocco in North Africa, Yakud Almansur, would send an army across the desert, using an African trader to show the way. They would break up the kingdoms of inner Western Africa. Timbuctoo would soon be gone. The great university of Sankore, would soon be gone.

“This was in 1594 when the slave trade was 100 years old. These people in inner Africa had great universities. There are still four universities in Timbuctoo alone. Jenne was another city university, and all of this is totally left out of history. These North Africans came down and wrecked all this. Now it was Moslem against Moslem. These Africans would tell these Moslems, using White mercenaries with modern arms of the that day, “We are Moslems, we’re Moslems, we’re your kin,” and Africans would just go ahead with their slaughter.”

“The tragedy of the breaking up of the great independent states of Africa before the European slave trade could really move was the tragedy of this alliance. Islam and the Arabs will have to share the guilt in this, because at that same time they were breaking up the great African kingdoms in the Western Sudan and West Africa, the Arab slave trade had been intensified along the coast of East Africa. The partnership between Africans and Arabs of those great states had lasted for years. That partnership had now grown sour. Again, the partner had turned on the African; the guest had turned on his host, as has happened so many times with us.” The African’s role and influence in Spain collapsed, and the Africans tried to make new alliances. But none of them would work for very long.


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