Flights delayed amid budget-cut furloughs of air controllers

Pilots, gate agents and others were quick to blame furloughs caused by mandatory across-the-board budget cuts, but the Federal Aviation Administration said it was too soon to assign blame. The agency said in a statement, however, that “travelers can …
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The MIT Tech


Large Airports Report Delays Due To FAA Budget Cuts

WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) — Air travelers headed to New York’s LaGuardia Airport were facing two hour delays on Tuesday morning. With fewer air traffic controllers showing up to work, the government has warned of … Also, the head of the Commerce …

Lockheed CFO sees bigger impact from budget cuts in Q2, Q3

Lockheed CFO sees bigger impact from budget cuts in Q2, Q3
WASHINGTON, April 23 (Reuters) – Lockheed Martin Corp expects across-the-board U.S. budget cuts to have a bigger impact on the company’s results in the second and third quarters of 2013, Chief Financial Officer Bruce Tanner told reporters on Tuesday.
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Globe and Mail

Army warns of deeper cuts in number of soldiers unless automatic budget …

WASHINGTON — Senior Army officials warned Tuesday they may have to cut more than 100,000 additional soldiers over the next decade unless automatic spending reductions forcing the military services to slash their budgets are stopped. Testifying before …
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Washington Post
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Parents, activists say chancellor’s budget undermines DC schools

Budget cuts that Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson has proposed would undermine traditional schools that are struggling to improve and to compete with charters, according to parents and activists who testified Wednesday before the D.C. Council.
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Washington Post:
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Catholic Church Leaders Worried About State Budget Cuts

Diocese of Yakima Bishop Joseph Tyson, along with Washington’s three other bishops sent a letter to Governor Inslee and state lawmakers this week asking them to continue to fund programs to help the poor. In the letter, the bishops identify several …
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