Formerly homeless Tacoma Army veteran is among thousands to benefit from federal effort

Darren Spencer, 39, a former homeless veteran, and his 18-year-old son Lamont pose in their Tacoma-area apartment Wednesday.


Chicago Man Helping The Homeless One Care Package At A Time

Following a bout with a physical injury that left him in what he called a “rough” emotional and financial state, Pellegrene was inspired by his experience to start a project to to help homeless people in his Logan Square neighborhood.

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In Tacoma: Help needed to send homeless to college

Chalaia Smith is determined to become something more than a statistic.

“There’s a stereotype with homeless youth – that we are all troublemakers, that we’ll always be homeless,” said the graduating Foss High School senior. Smith has other ideas. The 18-year-old is headed to Washington State University, with her eye on a career in veterinary medicine.


Homeless Family Support in Seattle

The Homeless Family Support Program contributes to the City of Seattle’s goal to improve academic achievement and school readiness by helping homeless children and children at risk of homelessness to develop age-appropriate motor, cognitive and social skills.

Services for homeless children ages one to five years are provided by Family Services’ Specialized Homeless Child Care at Wellspring Early Learning Center, a licensed child care facility that provides specialized services for homeless children (living in emergency shelters or transitional housing). The goal is to prepare children for school by helping them develop their motor, cognitive and social skills.


New York City Adds Five Homeless Shelters In Response To Rising Homelessness Population

NEW YORK — New York City plans to open at least five new homeless shelters by the end of the year.

The expansion is in response to a sharp increase in the homeless population. Two shelters will be in the Bronx. Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn will get one each.


Helping the Homeless Sleep With a Purpose

A good night’s sleep makes all the difference. When you’re homeless, any sleep would make a difference; a bed to sleep on, I would imagine, is what dreams are made of. Making dream come true for many people transitioning out of homelessness across America is the mission of a new social enterprise called Sleep With a Purpose (SWAP).